Productive Interaction



ACE Consulting can provide a variety of workshops for any size group from executive leadership teams to large professional development events for employees, academic faculty and staff, and community members.

Among the frequently requested workshops are:

  • Understanding Social Interaction in the Culturally Diverse Workplace
  • Demographic Shifts: The Changing Face of America
  • Closing the Achievement Gap in America’s Schools
  • Incorporating Nonviolent and Compassionate Communication into the Workplace

Workshops are often developed to meet the specific needs of an organization or institution and can be offered on site or via social media (Pod Casts, Skype, or Teleclass).



Dr. Adams offers retreats for small groups or individuals interested in one-on-one approaches to cultural diversity. The retreat site is a beautiful setting located on the bluffs above the Illinois River.



ACE provides consulting services to large and small businesses, government agencies, schools (Pre-K, K–12, colleges and universities), and community organizations.

ACE utilizes a variety of research tools to meet the needs of its clients. It can develop customized surveys to gather and analyze data as well as incorporate qualitative methods like focus groups, participant observation, and other ethnographic techniques to respond to each client’s interests and goals.

Curriculum Design-Image

Curriculum Design

ACE has decades of experience designing, critiquing, implementing, and evaluating curriculum in K-12 as well as in colleges and universities. We have experience developing online courses in real time or in other formats.

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Nonviolent & Compassionate Communication

ACE believes in the power of dialog to solve our most complex social problems, but this can only come about through developing the ability to hear deeply our own needs as well as the needs of others. Only then can we understand each other and exercise our innate ability to empathize and connect as human beings – not adversaries – to solve our problems.

Using the Non-Violent Communication techniques identified by Marshall Rosenberg, ACE will craft learning events to help clients develop skills to identify their own unmet needs and the needs of people whose perspectives, ideas, and actions differ from their own.



ACE can meet with clients to develop specific strategies to gather and process the information needed to make informed decisions on policy and organizational issues, including effective community development and maintenance, whether working with municipalities, school districts, professional organizations, or businesses.

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Keynotes & Addresses

ACE can provide effective presenters to speak on a variety of topics at conferences and conventions, community events, and P-12, college and university convocations.