Productive Interaction

Client Testimonials

Whether in a large group and/or individual buildings Dr. Adams’ professional development presentations are stimulating and interactive that serve to heighten engagement and participation by teachers and administrators alike.

Erica Goldstone, Ph.D
Director, Davenport Community Schools

About ACE Consulting

ACE consultants work individually and/or as a team and focus on strengthening institutions that have varying missions and goals but want to:
  • deepen their understanding of the changing demographics of the 21st century,
  • recognize the value of the cultural diversity these demographics bring to society,
  • incorporate cultural diversity into their workplace,
  • close the opportunity gap among employees or the achievement gap among students, and
  • move toward a more contemporary, inclusive institution through effective communication and interaction.
ACE consultants have worked with different types of institutions, ranging from P-12 schools, colleges and universities to communities and businesses and, together, have over a century of experience in addressing cultural diversity and its impact on individuals and institutions.